Ice Music is exactly what the name suggests-music made with ice.

About the ICEstruments:

The Ice Music project in Luleå is initiated by the founder Tim Linhart, working as an ice artist since 30 years, who builds all the ICEstruments himself at home in his garden. Building the ICEstruments is a delicate craftsmanship that requires great patience and also the right cold temperature, so that the ice will have the right elasticity and be possible to sculpt without breaking.

The ICEstruments are very fragile and need to be handled carefully by the musicians tuning and playing on them. For example the ICEviolin usually hung in ropes from the ceiling for a safety reason and it’s thickness, down to only 3 mm in some parts, needs a special plastic protection shield to prevent the musicians warm breath from making a hole in the body of the ICEstrument.

See them perform in this video:

Holy shit! Someone I follow posted this randomly and I happen to be il Luleå Sweeen this very moment and saw this show about a month ago… Friggin… Crazy… Coincidence.